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The EECC originates from the field of RFID product tracking. Over the years we have broaden our portfolio of skills towards all adjacent technologies of product tracking, what makes us one of the leading experts in the field.


Self-Sovereign Identity - SSI

SSI is the technologiy that allows any entity to possess an own identity and its corresponding properties. Decentralized identities (DID) leverage the concept of SSI in a standardized manner, in order to make identities resolvabel and allow verifiable information about anything as a result.

Our products
VC Verifier DID Controller

Digital Product Passport

The digital product passport is the linked data sheet to a products identity. This is enabled by the use of GS1 identifiers, digital link resolution and verifiable credentials. The verfied product passport especially takes advantage of SSI technology in order to create trust in its included information.

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DID Controller

All in one DID suite for managing DIDs and issuing credentials

Verifiable Credential Verifier

An open source general purpose credential verifier

Verifiable Product Passport

Digital product passport with verifiable information

Dynamic Product Passport

Digital product passport generated from multi source tracking data

eBon and Warranty

Electronic receipt and digital product warranty certificate

Couponing based on SSI Standards

This is a demonstration of coupongs implemnted as verifiable credentials

Customer Relations Management without data

Leaving the data with the customer and querying updates when needed relieves vendors of all data handling burdens while giving selv-souvereign data ownership back to customers.

SSI Vendor

SSI powered sales point